Please, don’t skid!!  How many times has this gone through your head while you are gripping the wheel and pressing the brake through the floor board? By the way, if you are skidding, turn into the slide and DO NOT slam your foot to the ground. Tap your foot on the break and just ride it out.

Winter Tires

Winter Tires

Winter driving is not fun to begin with, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous.  Getting the correct tires put on your vehicle is one way you can be safer on the winter roads and avoid catastrophe all together.

Kingsway Toyota would like to talk winter tires.  Much too often, winter tires are portrayed as “snow tires”.  The truth is, winter tires are not only designed to perform in snowy conditions, but they are intended to provide optimal performance in cold weather temperatures as well.  Therefore, even in the absence of snow on the road surface, your winter tires will continue to provide you with the performance and safety you expect, thanks to the soft compound mix capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.

The benefits of winter tires are:

- Excellent ride comfort and safety

- Exceptional grip in cold conditions

- Superior braking capabilities on ice and snow

- Outstanding resistance against aquaplaning

- Superb wet and dry handling

- Enhance vehicle stability control (VSC) operation

- Smoother take-off when equipped with traction control (TRAC)

Come into Kingsway Toyota and speak to one of our service/parts advisers regarding your winter tires.


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