Kingsway Toyota is helping out with another great cause this Christmas season.

They are teaming up with the Christmas Bureau and will be sponsoring 34 families this holiday season by providing a Christmas meal and toys.  I rarely think about not having a meal and take for granted all that my family and I are blessed with.  Last night I was shopping for presents for my kids and was saddened that their are so many families that would love to have just ONE present under the tree, let alone a Christmas meal that we all look forward to each year.

I think that poverty is closer to home than we think.  It’s not just the person living out of a cardboard box but it could be the nice family living next door to you that are 1 paycheque away from being homeless or wondering how they are going to put food on the table tomorrow.  For them, the Christmas season is not a joyeous one but a harsh reality of what they are missing.  Kingsway Toyota and the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton are trying to make it a joyous and happy season for some families here in Edmonton.

The range of people who have benefited from the Christmas Bureau is endless.   Senior couples raising their grandchildren or just finding their resources spread thin. Single moms trying to make Christmas a special time for their children whether they are working a low income job or going to school in order to better her family’s situation.

By working together we can ensure all Edmontonians can embrace the warmth of the Christmas season with a festive celebration.

The best part of this, is the individuals of Kingsway Toyota are able to deliver the meal and toys to their sponsored family.

I want you to watch this video to see how close to home poverty is.  This is by Ronnie Dunn and tells a story of the US economy and how it has greatly affected hard working people.  We could put a lot of Canadian families into this story.

If you want to help out a Edmonton family this holiday season, please contact the Christmas Bureau at 780 421 XMAS (9627).

Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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