Have you seen the brand new 2012 Prius V at Kingsway Toyota in Edmonton?!?!

What an absolutely stunning addition to the Prius family and we have 30 brand new 2012 Prius V just sitting here waiting for you.  Thanks to years of steady sales, legions of faithful buyers and an overwhelming popularity with the celebrity set, the Prius has established itself as an icon of automotive design.


2012 Prius V at Kingsway Toyota

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The “V” stands for versatility and that is exactly what you will be getting in the Prius V.  It is a Hybrid like no other.  The Prius v offers phenomenal fuel economy and space for kids and/or cargo.  You will embarrass your neighbors at the gas pump and have a satisfying driving experience as well.

It offers 58% more cargo space than the regular Prius Sedan. Prius v is 6 inches longer than the Prius sedan, 3.3 inches higher, and 1.1 inches wider, on the same track.  So what does this mean? You gain family functionality.

Prius V Fuel Milage

Wow!! Impressive

With 34.3 cubic feet, the Prius v offers more cargo space than 80 percent of the compact SUVs and mid-size wagons on the market.The rear seats slide back for legroom, or forward to increase cargo space; they also recline, and there’s an optional panoramic roof for sky-watching.The front seat folds flat so adding more cargo space. With that extra 3.3 inches of height and long rear doors, it’s very easy to climb in and out of the back. Floor rigidity has been added to the v, which helps reduce interior noise.

2012 Prius V in Edmonton

Prius V

This is a vehicle that you need to come and see for yourself, if not to buy just come into Kingsway Toyota and take it for a test drive. Then you will be able to say that you have experienced that Prius v.

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