Buying a Used or Previously owned vehicle can be a stressful experience, especially if you don’t know that much about vehicles.  Here at Kingsway Toyota we are striveing to become the #1 Used Cars In Edmonton in every way including customer service, selection and full disclosure. We even have the prices on the windows!!


used cars in edmonton from Kingsway Toyota


When purchasing a previously loved vehicle, people are always skeptical about what may have happened to the vehicle before hand.  At Kingsway Toyota you never have to worry, each vehicle that is in our Used Inventory has gone through a rigorous inspection in our Service Department and a through cleaning from our Detail Shop. And we go over the full vehicle history report from and will let you know if the car of your dreams has been through any insurance related incidences.

When we bring a vehicle into our inventory, it is first looked over carefully by one of our Used Vehicle Managers and General Sales Manager to make sure no damage is done to the vehicle.  Then the Used Vehicle is taken for a test drive by one of our certified mechanics, to learn how the vehicle feels and also to make sure there are no engine or running problems with the vehicle.  Finally the vehicle is sent to our amazing detail department, where our detail staff go over every little nook and cranny to polish and clean the vehicle to look its best!

Something else that makes our dealership special is The Yes Man, he will get you approved no matter what your credit history is!! Just go to to apply now!

So if you really look at buying a used car, its almost the same as buying a new, because here at Kingsway toyota a used is just as good as a new!  The next time you think of purchasing a used car , just remember its not a used car its  previously Loved car <3



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